Rossello Costruzioni s.r.l.

Environment services and recovery plant

Rossello Costruzioni carries out winter road maintenance, demolitions in both open and urban environments, and crushing and collection of rubble. It also produces recycled aggregates and compacted concrete.


Rossello Costruzioni performs restoration work on high-value property, including real estate subject to Heritage Service restrictions.

Civil and industrial building

Rossello Costruzioni has all the necessary equipment and employees of proven experience for carrying out both civil and industrial building work.

Road construction and earthmoving

ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI can draw on many years of experience in this field, and with its extensive fleet of machinery and equipment is able to carry out any kind of road works.

Special foundations and natural engineering

Rossello Costruzioni carries out slope support work using stakes or the “reinforced soil” system, and builds special foundations formed by bored piles.

Water and sewage pipelines and river defences

With its highly-qualified workforce and fleet of vehicles and equipment, Rossello Costruzioni carries out all kinds of water channelling and river defence work.

Rossello Costruzioni


Via Boglietto, n. 15
12052 Neive – CN

Telefono 0173-67235
Fax 0173-677614

P.IVA/CF: 03118020043