Environment services and recovery plant


ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI performs winter road maintenance in the boroughs of Neive and Barbaresco, and on some parts of the Alba section of the provincial road network.
The service comprises gritting – spreading antifreeze salt on the road network to prevent the formation of ice – and snow clearance.
At the end of the season, the roads are machine-swept to remove any sand which has remained on the road surface or verges following treatments.
ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is also equipped with apparatus (which can be fitted to excavators) designed for the cutting of overhanging branches and tree vegetation along the road network.
ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is also equipped with apparatus (which can be fitted to tractors) designed for the mowing of grass along the road network.


ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI produces material of different size and granulometry, classified as SRM (Secondary Raw Material), using appropriate machinery to process rubble from its own business activities and received from third parties.
This SRM material is suitable for the formation of road subgrades and embankments, the building of service areas, etc..


ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI has long-standing experience in the field of demolition, in both open and urban environments.
Its extensive fleet of machinery includes equipment suitable for carrying out all types of demolition.
With its technical-organizational facilities, ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is able to prepare all the site clearing operations and technical documentation (e.g.. DEMOLITION PLAN) required to obtain the necessary authorizations.


ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is equipped with mobile plant for the crushing of rubble, and is authorized to carry out crushing directly on customers’ sites.
This particular sphere of activity is especially advantageous for customers who need to re-use the rubble resulting from a demolition directly on site (for subgrades and/or filling).
No special structures or space are required for positioning the mobile crushing plant, as it is no bigger than a normal trailer truck.
Operation of the plant requires no particular connections, as it is fitted with its own independent diesel engine.
With its technical-organizational facilities, ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is able to support its clients in the preparation of all the procedures required to perform crushing operations.


ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is able to obtain a product known commercially as compacted concrete by mixing SRM material resulting from the processing of rubble with ash (heavy and light), aggregates and cement using special concrete mixing plant.
Compacted concrete can be produced according to a customer’s specific requirements, with batching of the cement in the mix calculated to provide more or less compressive strength (RCK).
This compacted concrete is suitable for non-structural uses, such as road subgrades, service areas, etc.


ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is authorized for the collection, temporary storage and recovery of demolition rubble, providing it is classified as non-hazardous.
The rubble can be delivered directly by customers using their own means of transport, providing they have the necessary transport authorization and forms.
The rubble which can be delivered to our plant is as follows:

  • Rubble originating from demolitions;
  • Manufactured articles and parts of structures made of reinforced and non-reinforced concrete;
  • Brickwork, such as bricks, tiles, blocks;
  • Construction scrap;
  • Bituminous macadam from scarification or pavement milling;
  • Earth and rocks from excavations.

ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is also authorized to transport rubble, and is therefore able to perform the service at a customer’s site, either by direct loading onto our trucks or with the hiring of containers.


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