certificazioniWithin the framework of the constant upgrading and improvement of its technical-organizational systems, ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI has the following certificates– authorizations:
SOA Certificate (certificate issued by an official certification body required for submitting tenders for public works contracts) issued by BENTLEYSOA SpA for the following categories and classes:

  • Category OG1 (building work) – Class V (up to € 5,164,569.00)
  • Category OG3 (road works) – Class IV (up to € 2,582,284.00)
  • Category OG6 (water – sewage pipelines) – Class II (up to € 516,457.00)
  • Category OG13 (natural engineering) – Class I (up to € 258,228.00)
  • Category OS21 (special structural work) – Class III (up to € 1,032,913.00)

Certificate of compliance with the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard – issued by QS CERTIFICAZIONI ITALIA Srl for sector EA28
Authorization to recover and temporarily store special non-hazardous waste no. 10001 dated 02/3/13 issued by the Province of Cuneo
Authorization to transport waste no. TO06094 dated 24/01/2013 issued by the Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali – Piedmont Region Section
Authorization to use mobile plant for recovery operations (R5 and R13 of Schedule C of Law 152/06 and subsequent amendments and additions) for special non-hazardous waste no. 68 dated 25/05/2010 issued on 24 May 2010.
Authorization to transport on behalf of third parties no. CN TO506442F – computer-assigned no. D9JM2S


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