About us

Giuseppe Rossello, the founder of the family, began working as a master builder in the 1950s.
Eugenio then continued in his father’s footsteps, setting up the Rossello Eugenio sole proprietorship operating in the public and private sectors in 1969.
In 2003 a facility was opened at the company’s headquarters in Neive for the collection, temporary storage and recovery of non-hazardous waste from building work.
In April 2007, the sole proprietorship was transformed into Rossello Costruzioni s.r.l., a private limited company with Eugenio’s children Samuele, Elisa and Alberto as partners.
Acquiring all the resources and the workforce from the previous business, the new company continued the work begun by Eugenio in both the public and private sectors in the provinces of Asti, Cuneo, Alessandria and Torino.
In 2008, Rossello Costruzioni obtained the authorization required to continue the non-hazardous waste collection, transport – on their own account and for third parties -, storage and recovery service begun by the sole proprietorship.
As well as carrying out building work, Rossello Costruzioni are also fully equipped for clearing provincial and urban roads in winter using tractors fitted with snow ploughs and machinery fitted with antifreeze salt spreaders.
Operations are supervised step-by-stop by qualified staff and by the partners, who are also technical directors:
•    Samuele Rossello, for road and earth-moving work sites,
•    Alberto Rossello, for civil and industrial building work sites.
Furthermore, benefiting from the experience of partner Elisa Rossello, technical director for the field of geology, the company provides its clients with support in dealing with all matters pertaining to site bureaucracy.
In order to perform all these activities, Rossello Costruzioni employs around 30 staff in its offices and on site, and subcontracts work out to a number of smaller firms.


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12052 Neive – CN

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