Special foundations and natural engineering


ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI constructs special foundations formed by bored piling with a diameter varying between 40 and 120 cm. and a maximum depth of 30 m, using special equipment (bores fitted to excavators) and handling all the steps involved in forming the piles, from the drilling (using certified specially-trained operators) to the placing of the metal reinforcement, casting of the concrete, and loading, transport and disposal of excavation soil in its own plant.


ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI carries out slope support work using the “REINFORCED SOIL” system which can be used – subject to technical stability analysis – to settle and make sliding slopes uniform with a low environmental impact, using structures (geonets, geogrids, etc.) which are then covered and concealed by natural terrain and vegetation (or if required, by the sowing of grass).
Within the sphere of natural engineering, attention is drawn to the fact that ROSSELLO COSTRUZIONI is also able to carry out support work using wooden stakes (sectioned on the basis of stability analysis), positioned in a criss-cross pattern in order to ensure greater stability; the stakes are then filled with natural soil, and if required the planting of particular species of tree in order to reduce their visual impact.


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